Memory Of Leo

The recording Memory of Leo was made by:
Karri Kiviluoma - Vocals, Guitars, Composing, Arranging, Bass, Drums.
Mikko Nousiainen - Producing, Drums, Effects, Mixing.

Special thanks go out to:
Visa Lahtinen @ ReCyclop Studios for helping out during the early stages of this korny project. Anni, Erkko and Patrick Laurén for beating up the bums in central park and pissing on their still remains.. no that was another story. Hannu Ahonen for the excellent sky photo on an interesting fear before the march of Helsinki's flames. Edi for the dillinger HTML intrawebz programming escape plan. Stock.XCHNG and Brän-HANDLER for pushing forward creativity with resources unlike no other. They surely is legend.

Memory Of Leo music
Home Made - With equipment to match.

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